General Notes For Floor Plan

General Notes For Floor Plan. These notes apply to all project drawings dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated. The symbols below are used in architectural floor plans.

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Architectural floor plan symbols archtoolbox. A105 basement floor plan a106 ground floor plan a107 basement reflected ceiling plan a108 ground floor reflected ceiling plan a109 interior elevations, sections and details 3, drawing notations, spring 2010.

13.The Finished Work Shall Be Firm, Well Anchored, In True Alignment, Plumb, Level, With Smooth, Clean, Uniform Appearance Without Waves, Distortions, Holes, Marks,

3.all notes and dimensions designated as typ. or typical apply to all similar P0.1, p0.2, p0.3… general notes p1.1, p1.2, p1.3… site plan p2.1, p2.2, p2.3… floor plans p3.1, p3.2, p3.3… riser diagrams p4.1, p4.2, p4.3… Contractor shall patch, prime, and paint the entire wall whenever a penetration is made to locate the gas piping.

Mount New Shut Off Valves 48 Aff.

All modifications and new work that affects the existing roof assembly should be done by garland or an approved. Size confirmed by ahu manufacturer. Items to be demolished are indicated in light finely dashed lines.

The Slabs Shall Be At Least 3½ Inch Thick And Shall Be Reinforced With #4 Rebar At 16 Inch On Center In Both Directions.

The general contractor is advised. Dimensions for existing elements shall be field verified The symbols below are used in architectural floor plans.

Minimum Dimension From Any Corner Or Wall To Framing Stud At Door Jamb Opening Shall Be 4 (U.o.n.).

Elements and materials with known hazardous content must Architectural floor plan symbols archtoolbox. New construction is indicated by full intensity (solid) lines.

11.Vertical Dimensions Are From Top Of Floor Slab, Except Where Noted To Be From Above Finished Floor (Aff).

General notes are important for proper interpretation of the construction drawings, but like many things, more does not always mean better. These drawings indicate in general the project in terms of architectural design intent, the dimensions of the building, the major architectural elements and type of structural,mechanical and electrical systems. Noted from finish floor elevations.

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